GOV+ for enterprise and businesses

Company perks just got better for you and your employees

With GOV+ solutions doing the heavy lifting for you, government applications virtually take care of themselves.

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Improve employee productivity with GOV+

Leave the government paperwork to us

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Life-changing simplicity

What if there was just one place and one process for all the government business you need to handle? That dream of simplicity is what drives us here at GOV+. Life can be challenging, but we aim to make it a little easier with each product and service we create.

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People-first processes

Most government processes aren’t created with people in mind. GOV+ is here to change that — with instant updates, personalization, and easy-to-reach specialists ready to address your team's concerns.

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Time-saving technology

Your employees have enough on their plates. That’s why we’re always coming up with innovative solutions — like intelligent form filling and 100% online tools —  to help your resources reclaim their time and get back to their most important work.

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Attract and retain top talent

The first and only solution that streamlines government interactions and compliance for your business

Be one of the first leading companies to add GOV+ to your employees benefits.

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