Identity theft protection

Cover yourself against identity and document fraud

Government documents are a prime target for identity thieves. Stay ahead of potential threats — and rest easy knowing GOV+ is on it.

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How it works

Identity protection made easy

Receive instant alerts about fraudulent activity

GOV+ actively monitors your personal information and government documents, alerting you in real time to any suspicious usage.

Social Security number
Driver's license
Address change
Online documents & applications

Stay on top of changes to your credit profile

With GOV+ credit monitoring, you’re the first to know if document fraud is harming your financial health and standing.

New lines of credit
Credit card applications
Loan applications
Online documents & applications

Get up to $1M in coverage

GOV+ has you covered with comprehensive Identity Theft Insurance and zero deductible.

Legal defense fees
Lost wages
Unauthorized deductions
Online documents & applications

Quickly restore your identity

In the event of identity theft, GOV+ recovery specialists help you regain control of your good name and finances.

Dedicated representative
Step-by-step guidance
Assistance with government forms
Online documents & applications

Monitor everything in one place

Keep track of your documents, alerts, and coverage with your own personalized dashboard.

Government applications and forms in one platform
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