Making your life easier one Technology at a time

Intelligent form filing, cloud-based, 100% digital transactions, personalization, and smart tracking make GOV+ the go-to portal for all your government transactions.


Intelligent Form Filing


Dynamic Form Generator

Only answer questions that pertain to your situation and circumstances—with forms that adjust to your unique needs in real time.


Automatic Form Completion

The more forms you complete with GOV+, the less time future forms will take, making all your interactions simpler.

PDF generator

PDF Generator

Forget hand-written and manual PDF filing. Information we get from you goes exactly where it’s supposed to, so forms and applications are completed correctly, the first time.

100% Digital


Online Passport Photo

No wasting time for visiting passport photo services. Take your photo with your phone, and we will instantly format it for passport document purposes, and mail it already printed to you.

electronic signature

Electronic Signature

Securely sign government forms, applications, and other paperwork from your computer or mobile phone.


Easy Online and Mobile Payment Solutions

Forget checks and money orders. GOV+ offers user-friendly payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Vital Document Storage

Safeguard critical documents in the cloud, share them securely, and enjoy easy access from any device.


Online Notary

No scheduling, waiting or trips to the notary. Notarize your documents online anytime, anywhere with GOV+.


Hassle-free Information Formatting

Convert your information quickly and easily—from web, fax, email, voice, or paper. GOV+ puts your data in the right format and sends it exactly where it needs to go—every time.

Smart Tracking


Automated Notifications

Get notified as your government applications advance through the process, from filing to final outcome.


Real-Time Package Tracking

Find out where your documents are—and where they’re going next—with easy-to-use, real-time tracking.


Workflow Management

We're expert at working through roadblocks and process hurdles to ensure that forms and applications stay on track, every step of the way.


personalized documents upload

Dynamic Document Upload

Safely upload documents for your individual situation and avoid time-wasting interactions with the government.


Dynamic Package Generation

We create a customized packet that precisely matches your needs and requirements while eliminating worry about next steps.

Convenience and Speed


Form Filing by Voice

Quickly reach a live customer service agent and easily complete any of our government forms over the phone, while you do other things.


Smart Shipping

With GOV+ Smart Shipping your form or application arrives on time, precisely where it's supposed to.

personal dashboard

Personal dashboard

Access and store your vital applications and documents all in one place in your secure personal dashboard.

women on the phone filing government forms
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Security. Privacy. Compliance

Built on a secure foundation

GOV+ uses industry-leading security and privacy protection to take the stress out of government transactions without compromising your data. Do more, worry less.

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