How Long Does Global Entry Last?

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How Long Does Global Entry Last?

What is Global Entry? The Global Entry program is one of the most convenient tools available to travelers in the United States. It lets them skip the endless customs line at airport security after a long day of traveling and use a self-serve Global Entry kiosk instead.

But for a frequent international traveler to stay enrolled in the Global Entry program, they’ll need to renew their application regularly (about every five years) with updated information about themselves.

In this article, we’ll answer the question, “How long does a Global Entry card last?” and walk you through the steps of the renewal process.

A Guide to the Global Entry Renewal Program

Since the Global Entry traveler program is designed to give low-risk passengers the ability to receive expedited screening, they’ll need to renew their application every few years to certify their low-risk status.

So how long does Global Entry last for?

Your Global Entry membership will last for five years starting from your first birthday after getting the card.

This means if you get your card right after a birthday, it can actually last for close to six years.

How to Tell When it’s Time to Renew a Global Entry Card

If you can’t remember when you got your Global Entry card, there are a few ways to tell when it’s time to apply for renewal.

First, the date will be listed on your Global Entry card itself right under your date of birth. Once your card is within a year of expiring, you’ll have the option to renew your card. Renewing your card early doesn’t come with any downsides as your new card will still be valid for five years from your last card’s expiration date, so it’s a good idea to try to get it done as early as possible!

If you forget to check your card for the expiration date, you’ll also get email reminders every time you use a Global Entry kiosk within a year of your card expiring letting you know it’s time to submit your renewal application.

How to Renew a Global Entry Card

If you need to renew your Global Entry card, here are some steps you should take:

  • Gather Your Information –Many of the questions on the Global Entry application are about your information for the last five years, so it’s likely some things may have changed. Here is what you’ll need to know to renew your Global Entry status:
  1. Current email address and phone number
  2. Address history for the past five years
  3. International travel history for the past five years
  4. Employment history for the past five years
  5. Court document for non-traffic-related convictions
  6. Current vehicle information (for border protection when crossing borders between the united States)
  • Apply for Renewal Through GOV+ – GOV+ has all of the application paperwork you need to apply for Global Entry renewal on our website. Simply fill in your information and we’ll take care of filing it for you.
  • Pay the $85 Renewal Fee – Every time you apply for renewal of your Global Entry application, you will need to pay a $85 application fee, but depending on what kind of travel rewards credit card you have, you may be able to get reimbursed for this.
  • Prepare for an Interview – Some applicants are required to the Global Entry enrollment center for an interview with the Trusted Traveler Program again to confirm their information before they can get their card renewed. Here’s what to do and what to bring to a Global Entry interview if you need to interview again.
  1. After you receive your email prompting you to interview, sign up for an appointment at a Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) location near you using the CBP website.
  2. Make sure to bring the following documents with you to verify your information: Proof of citizenship, proof of address, all current passports, permanent resident card (if you have one), proof of lawful entry into the United States, or a driver’s license
  • Wait for Your Card – If your Global Entry enrollment has been approved for renewal, you will receive an email letting you know and an updated Global Entry member card will be sent to the address you have listed on your renewal application.

Most Global Entry membership passes are approved for renewal, but if there’s some reason your application cannot be approved, you will be notified by the TTP.

What to Do If Your Global Entry Card Isn’t Renewed Before it Expires

If you don’t get your new Global Entry card before your old one expires, there’s no need to panic. As long as you have submitted your application before the day your card expires, the CBP will let you keep using your card for the next six months while you wait for approval. Once your card is approved, it’ll typically be sent to you within one to two weeks, if not faster.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There’s a new update that Global Entry members are given a 24-month or 2 years grace period for those who process renewal applications before their membership expires. So yes, you can still travel internationally and enjoy your Global Entry benefits and TSA pre-Check for domestic travel. However, this only applies if you have processed for a renewal prior to the expiration date of your membership.

Renew Your Global Entry Pass with GOV+

If you’re due for a new Global Entry card, want to renew your Global Entry benefits, or need help applying for another government ID, we have everything you need all in one convenient place. Simply fill out this form online, and we’ll do the rest for you!


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