Change of address checklist

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Change of address checklist

Relocating to a new space can give you a much-needed fresh start. Whether you are moving to a new place down the street or a new state, the moving process can be a lot. Whether it’s for work, school, or a change of scenery, moving is an exciting—and time-consuming—process.

And there’s still work to be done after you’ve packed up the last of the boxes. Things like a mailing address change, driver’s license, voter registration, or vehicle registration all have to be changed with the correct address after moving day. For example, there are all sorts of institutions you need to notify about your new address, including the United States Postal Service (USPS).

So now you are probably wondering how to change your address with the IRS or with USPS. If you’ve been wondering how to do a change of address with USPS, you’re in luck. We’ve created this change of address checklist to help ease the stress of your big move.

What is a change of address?

Before we really dive into our address change checklist, it is important to truly understand what address change even means. A change of address, often shortened to COA, is an official request to USPS to reroute all of your mail from one address to another. This request can be made for all individuals in a household or only for a select few. To ensure you receive all letters and packages, you should file a change of address anytime you move.

There are two options to choose from when going through a USPS change of address, and your situation will dictate which one is best for you.

  • Temporary – If you’ll be moving to a new address for less than six months and before returning to your old place, USPS recommends a temporary change of address.
  • Permanent – When you move to a new location and intend to stay there, you’ll want to file a permanent change of address. Most moves will fall under this category, as you’ll even file a permanent COA for any moves under six months that don’t end with you returning to your original address.

Most importantly, keep in mind that a change of address does not replace the process of changing addresses with companies or services. You will still need to change your address with any businesses you order online from, and you should still notify friends and family of your relocation. A COA simply lets USPS forward you any mail that would otherwise arrive at your old address by mistake.

What you’ll need

Our address change checklist is full of everything you’ll need to make your transition as simple as possible. Regardless of how you decide to complete the process, it’s best to gather up all of the following information before you start your COA.

Personal information

While you’ll likely have most of these details readily available, it’s always nice to know what will be expected of you. USPS will ask you for your:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Old address
  • New address

In addition to the above, you’ll also have to denote whether the move is temporary or permanent and whether you’re moving as an individual, a family, or a business.

The start date

You will be asked to provide the date you want USPS to start rerouting your mail. If you’re filing a temporary COA, you’ll also need to know the day on which you want mail forwarding to end.

USPS allows you to choose a start date up to 90 days in the future—or up to 30 days in the past—from the date you submit your COA.

How to submit a change of address

Now that you have all of the necessary information at the ready to make a USPS change, you can complete your change of address. We recommend that you submit your COA around two weeks before you actually move. There are two ways to process a change of address.


We know you were thinking “Can I change my address online?” so we are happy to tell you it is possible to make an updated address request on the web! By visiting the USPS Mover’s Guide website, you can make a change of address from the comfort of your own home. Once you fill out the forms with the information noted above, you’ll be taken to a page to verify your identity.

So how much does it cost to change your address using this method? A valid credit card is required to fill out a COA online, as a $1.05 identity validation fee will be charged. As a nice bonus, after filling out the online form, you’ll have access to special offers and coupons that can save you money on your move.

In person

You can also file a change of address in person at your nearest US Post Office. First, find your nearest Post Office. Next, stop by and ask for a PS Form 3575. It may sound as scary as tax forms, but we promise it isn’t!

There is no fee when you complete a COA in person, as USPS verifies your identity at that moment. With that in mind, be sure to bring a government ID with you that proves you live at the current address.

What happens next?

After you submit your COA, USPS will quickly send a Move Validation Letter to the address you are leaving. This is done so USPS can ensure that the change of address is legitimate. A Customer Notification Letter with a confirmation code will also be sent to the new address close to your move-in day—be sure to keep this code, as you’ll need it to make any changes to your COA.

Your change of address is now complete, and USPS will begin redirecting mail to your new address! Say goodbye to the possibility of missed bills, incorrect address details, and losing important documents from the credit card company or your insurance provider due to the wrong mailing address!

Making address changes a breeze

While a change of address with USPS is relatively straightforward, there is a lot more to consider when moving to a new home, even with a handy checklist.

We understand that moving can be complicated. We also know that your time is more valuable than anything, and we’d love to help you save it. Given the long in-person waiting times and the numerous calls you’ll have to make, we can help simplify the process and ensure it goes as smoothly as possible using the most innovative technology. Using our one-of-a-kind, cloud-based platform, changing your address has never been easier!

If you have questions about changing your address, reach out to us today!


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